Supernatural Invasion Italy June 2016

What an amazing privilege it was to be able to minister in Florence Italy this past weekend. It was an adventure to remember forever. We had never been to Europe before so this made this trip even more anticipated. After 11 hours of traveling we finally landed and our journey in this historic country began. Wednesday evening began with our Church Doctor meeting where we were able to hear the needs of the Pastors’ in order to plan the weekend and give practical advice for the growth of the Church beyond the Conference that weekend. After some time we were able to diagnose the spiritual weaknesses of the Church and create a plan for that weekend and the plan of action after the Conference. We designed a plan to heal and deliver the leadership, Impart and activate the dna of the Vision, activate Church in Supernatural, and Mobilize participants to streets of Florence. Thursday morning we awoke to gather at the Church for morning prayer. It was a very powerful experience as the Lord began to show us the spirits that were attacking the Church and the Lord began to lead us to break the powers of darkness over the region. We began to minister to the pastors’ and their intercessors. We felt there was a breakthrough that occurred that morning to pave way for the Conerence. Thursday night we began the Conference as Pastors and Leaders came from all around Italy to be empowered by the Supernatural Power of God. I began to train the Church in Spiritual Dna as the Church began to be set free in the dna. On Friday morning my wife went on to minister Healing for the offended heart. Italy is known to be a territory where people can be easily offended and betray. After all, it is a curse that has operated since the days of the roman empire. Many people were healed, delivered and set free by the power of God. I continued ministering on the Spiritual Dna Part 2, as God lead me to activate the people to renew their covenant with pastors as spiritual sons with their spiritual fathers and lead the Church to restore and heal to receive the spiritual dna of their fathers. Friday night broke out in Supernatural Miracles as the Spirit of God lead me to prophesy, call out words of knowledge and heal the sick. One word of knowledge that comes to mind was a condition in the back from a woman who i felt as her spine cracked in my hands and aligned. She was totally healed by the power of God. There was another man who was experiencing deafness in both ears and God supernatural began to open his ears. He began to hear from 7 ft away and God did it for His Glory!!!. People ended up under the power of God and some in the joy of the Spirit. Saturday morning we ended the Conference giving a Practical Supernatural Evangelism training where i laid hands on everyone imparting the Spirit of Evangelism and mobilizing to streets of Florence. We ended up winning the Director of the Hotel, an entire soccer team to Christ, and about 70 souls in total within 1 hour of street evangelism. We could have won a lot more souls but the plan was to give them a taste of 1 hour invasion. Healings, prophetic words, words of knowledge were activated in the streets. We are grateful to God for such a powerful Supernatural Invasion in Italy. To God be the Glory for everything that He did and will continue to do. If you are hungry for a Supernatural Invasion, write to us in our invite section of our website so that we can plan our future Supernatural Invasion in your city. Get ready as we will be heading to Spain in July for our next Supernatural Invasion in Europe.signature



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