Pastors Andy and Rebeca Arguez are a couple called by God to Train Equip Activate and Mobilize the body of Christ in Supernatural Evangelism. Pastors Arguez have a passion for seeking Gods heart and manifesting it on the earth.They have a hunger to manifest the supernatural power of God to this generation carrying the DNA of their spiritual fathers Apostle Guillermo and Prophet Ana Maldonado where they served their spiritual fathers and their home church, King Jesus International Ministries for over 16 years.

Together they also pastored the youth ministry ‘Chosen Generation’ for a combined 8 years and served in the Evangelism Ministry for over 15 years, eventually becoming the directors of the Evangelism Operations.

Pastors Arguez have trained thousands of evangelists in supernatural evangelism in over 30 nations. Together they help build and edify churches in the areas that are weak and need empowerment for quality and quantity growth. Pastor Andy has written a book called, “Raising up a New Generation,” and has appeared on Christian Television through Daystar, TBN, CTNI, Enlance; and on his spiritual fathers program,”The Supernatural Now.”

Pastors Arguez currently reside in Miami,Florida, with their son, Josiah, and daughter, Zarah.